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Bearing Oils


HP Film Oil 46,68,100,150,220,320,460

HP Film oil grades are highly refined mineral oils exclusively developed for application in oil film bearings of steel plants. these oils are blended from solvent extracted, high viscosity index base stocks.

Performance benefits :
Excellent demulsibility characteristics. they also possess good oxidation and thermal stability.

Meet, inter plant standardisation – steel industry specifications (ipss) 1-09-001-95 (grade 1 to 6 ) and is : 6552-1987

Application areas :
HP film oil grades are recommended for use in antifriction bearings, drive gear and pinion of steel mills where operating condition are moderate. they are also suitable for use in circulation systems where oils with high demulsibility characteristics are required.

HP Film oil 150,220 grades are approved by tisco, jamshedpur.

Properties HP Film oil Turbinol xt
Viscosity,cst@ 40°c 29-34 42-50 62-74 90-110 140-160 200-246 300-340 420-500
Viscosity,index,min 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Flash point ,coc, °c,min 190 190 190 190 190 200 220 240
Pour point,°C Max (-) 6 (-) 6 (-) 6 (-) 6 (-) 6 (-) 6 - 6 - 6
Tan, Mg koh/g, Max 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.15 0.20 0.20 0.20
Demulsibilty in 20 min.ml 40-37-39(at 54°c) 40-37-39(at 54°c) 40-37-39(at 54°c) 40-37-39(at 82°c) 40-37-39(at 82°c) 40-37-39(at 82°c) 40-37-39(at 82°c) 40-37-39(at 82°c)

HP Steel 257,460,680

HP Steel grades are premium quality heavy duty bearing and circulating oil. they have high viscosity index with superior oxidation and thermal stability. they meet the requirement of high demulsibility, low foaming, xcellent rust protection and good film strength property to minimize wear in roll – neck bearings of steel mills. the quality of the oils is further enhanced by the presence of selected grades of anti – oxidants, anti – rust, demulsifier and defoamants.

HP Steel grades meet the requirements of morgan bearing lubricant specified by morgan construction co., usa. these oils meet the performance requirements of is : 6552-1987 and pss:1- 09-001-81.

These oils are suitable for use in the morgan bearings of steel mills. morgan bearings are sed in the plate mill, wire rod moll, merchant mill, blooming and billet mill and rail & structural mill. the various viscometrix of HP steel grades are available for these mills. the oils are also recommended for those places where the bearing are under heavy load and in the presence of water.

Properties HP steel
257 460 680
Viscosity,at 40°c ,Cst 245 - 270 440 – 485 645 - 715
Viscosity index,Min 95 95 95
Flash point, (coc) c,Min 226 270 270
Pour point, c , Max (-) 6 (-) 6 (-) 6
Fzg, Failure load stage, Min 5 6 6
Emulsion characterstics, @ 82 °c, 20 mins, Max 40 – 37-3 40 – 37-3 40 – 37-3

HP Steel ep 100

HP Steel 100 is a specially formulated premium bearing and hydraulic oil to meet the specific requirements in steel plants. it is blended from premium quality base stock and selected grades of anti – oxidants, anti – rust, demulsifier, defamant , anti- rust and anti- wear/ ep additives.


Performance benefits

This oil is suitable for uses in conditions where very good load bearing ability along with excellent demusibilisty characterstics are critical requirements. this product has good wettability and high film strength providing extra rust protection and eliminating scuffing and scoring of the bearing. it has a good water separating ability, which is retained at a high level during extended use in water quenching conditions.

Meets, the specifications of morgan construction co., usa, the world – wide manufacturer of no- twist rod mills.


Application areas

this oil has very good extreme pressure and demulsibility characteristics and hence it is recommended for use in all morgoil bearings in no-twist rod mills in steel plants. it is also recommended in applications where severe load conditions are encountered.

Properties HP steel ep100
Viscosity,at 40°c ,cst 85-95
Viscosity,Index, Min 95
Flash point , °c, Min 210
Pour point,°C Max (-)9
Fzg, Failure load stage, Min 12
Emulsion characterstics,
@ 82 °c, 20 mins, Max
Hydraulic stability pass
Four ball weld load kg 180 min

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