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Equivalent Lubricant Brand

You are using a particular lubricant and searching for the corresponding HP product? … No problem …! Please, answer as many of the following questions as you possibly can, so that we can quickly and correctly identify the appropriate HP product that will fulfill your requirements, and enable us to promptly get back and assist you.
• Which product do you use at this time ?
• Which products are recommended by the machine manufacturer?
• Which type of machine do you use? 
Please specify name, model and year of manufacture.
• What is the intended purpose of the lubricant you are searching for?
(e.g. Hydraulic fluid, Quenching oil etc.)
• How large is the filling capacity of your machine?
• If possible provide an estimate of your yearly requirement.
• Are there any special requirements for the product? 
(e.g. high temperature use, high pressure environment etc.)

In order for us to be able to contact you, we require the following information:

 The Information marked with an asterisk is mandatory, in order to be able to process your enquiry.

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Mobile No.
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