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Heat Transfer Fluids


HP Hytherm 500, 600

Hytherm 500 and hytherm 600 are thermic fluids designed to cover a broad range of heat transfer applications. hytherm 500 is recommended in services involving maximum bulk temparatures upto 285°c. hytherm 600 is recommended in services where bulk operating tempartures go upto 305°c even replacing some synthetic products.

Application areas :

All types of heat transfer applications.the product finds extensive application in textile,pharmaceuticals, chemical and processing industries.

Physio-chemical properties

Properties HP Hytherm 500 HP Hytherm 600
Kinematic viscosity @ 40 c, cst 27-35 27-38
Flash point coc, c, min 194 194
Viscosity index 95 100
Power point c max 0 0
Copper strip corrosion 3hr @ 100 c (astm) , max 1 1
Neutralisation number mg koh/gm, max 0.15 0.15
Specific heat kcal/kg c at
260c 0.731 0.741
280c 0.751 0.761
300c 0.772 0.791
Thermal conductivity, kcal/hr-mt c at
260c 0.097 0.100
280c 0.096 0.099
300c 0.095 0.097

Performance benefits
Excellent oxidation & chemical stability
Low volatility, low vapour pressure
Non corrosive & non toxic
Excellent thermal conductivity

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