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HP OIL C70,C600


Defence Grades

HP Oil c 70, c 600

HP oil c 70 meets jss : 9150-9 specification. it is intended for lubrication for artillery equipment and breach mechanism.

HP oil c 600 meets is :

2297-1987 (grade 140) specification. HP om c 600 grade is used for lubrication of certain gear–boxes, steering boxes and worm gear axles (but not for pre-selector boxes on hypoid gears) also for certain uses on torpedoes

  C70 C600
Kinematic viscosity @40°c, cst 30 - 35  
Kinematic viscosity,@100°c, cst   25 – 43
Viscosity index, min - 85
Flash point, (coc), °c,min 150(pmcc) 230(coc)
Pour point, °c, max - (-) 3
Copper strip corrosion at 100c for 3hrs., max - 1
Saponification value mg kok/gm oil 50 - 60 10 - 18

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