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HP OIL OM 33,OM 100


Defence Grades
HP Oil Om 33 ,100

Premium quality lubricating oils, exclusively used for defence requirements, are made from best mineral oil base stocks, further enhanced with anti oxidation, rust inhibitors, antifoam agents.

HP oil om 100, 33 meets jss : 9150-26. it is generally used as a hydraulic fluid on machine tools, fork-lift trucks and handling gear systems of hm ships and certain fighter vehicles. lubrication of certain gunnery equipment, radar equipment and air compressor operating in all ambient temperatures not lower than minus 40°c.

HP oil om 100 meets defence standard specification and also is: 1012-1987. HP oil om 100 grade is used in main and auxiliary steam turbines and their associated gearing. it is also applied in auxiliary reciprocating engines with forced lubrication of naval aircraft guns and self feed mechanisms. this is also used for miscellaneous purposes and certain hydraulic systems in hm ships.

Propeties HP Oil om
  100 33
Viscosity,cst.@40°c 90 – 110 26 – 33
Viscosity,index min 95 2-
Flash point, (coc),°c, min 210 160(pmcc)
Pour point, °c, max (-) 6 (-) 30
Copper strip corrosion at 100c for 3hrs., max L L
Tan, mg koh/g of oil, max kg, min 0.20 0.3
Emulsion characterisics @ 54 deg c , in 25 minutes, ml 40-40-0  

HP Protective px – 10

HP protective px 10 is a protective and surfaceactive material dissolved in a volatile solvent. this is useful for preliminary treatment of salvaged mechanisms and of articles degreased by alkali and water ashes. this is also used for protection of water spaces of ic ingines, cylinders and valve chests of team engines and impellers of turbine engines.

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