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Hydraulic and Circulating Oils


Enklo 32,46,57,n 68,100,121,150,176,220,320,460(Anti-wear Type)

Hydraulic & circulating oils designed for use in circulating systems are made from high viscosity index, chemically stable base stocks which are further fortified with antioxidants, anticorrosion, antiwear and antifoam additives,. they meet the requirements of very high pressure systems and also of systems where high pump speeds are encountered

Performance benefits:
• Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system.
• High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions.
• Good film strength and antiwear properties to minimise wear of pumps, valves, cylinders, pistons etc.
• Maximum demulsibility to allow entrained water to settle down.
• Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrsion of metal parts.
• Resistance to foaming to ensure prompt and efficient functioning.
• High chemical stability to ensure long and trouble free service life


Enklo 32,46,68,100,150 meets the requirements of is : 10522

1983 (reaffirmed 1993) specification and uss 127. enklo grades pass vickers
v-104 c vane pump test and meet ipss : 1-09-022.

Enklo grades are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, compressors, a vacuum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, hydraulic and circulation system and enclosed gear boxes which do not require ep type lubricants.

Properties Enklo 2
32 46 57 68 n68 100 121 150 176 220 320 460
Viscosity, cst @, 40°c 29-34 42-50 52-62 62-68 62-68 90-100 118-124 140-160 170-180 200-240 310-340 430-500
Viscosity index,min 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Flashpoint, coc,°c, min 190 190 210 210 210 210 220 230 230 230 250 260
Pourpoint,°c max -3 -3 -3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Neutralisation number(mg koh /gm, max 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5

Enklo hlp 22,32,46,68(special purpose anti –wear type)

Hydraulic & circulating oils having outstanding antiwear properties, oxidation stability and a high fzg rating. in addition these grades have excellent resistance to thermal degradation and better hydrolytic stability. these grades are specially developed for sophisticated hydraulic devices with hydro- mechanical actuators. enklo hlp grades find application in system where oil is used for extended periods.

Enklop hlp grades meet requirement of din 51524 part2 specification denison hf-o and hf-2 cincinnati milacron p-68, p-69, p70 and is : 11656 – 1986 specifications and us steel 127 also passes vickers vane pump test.

Performance benefits :
They are premium hydraulic oils having outstanding anti-wear properties, excellent oxidation stability and fzg ratings. they are recommended for sophisticated electro hydraulic or numerically controlled system.

Proposed usage :
These grades are recommended for use in screw compressors, also approved by ingersoll – rand for use in their screw compressors, enklo hlp 32 is approved by voith india for use in hydraulic coupling and l & t mcneil ltd, chennai for injection moulding machinery

roperties Enklo hlp
22 32 46 68
Viscosity,cst@ 40°c 20-24 29-35 42-50 62-72
Viscosity,index, min 90 90 90 90
Flash point ,coc, °c,min 170 180 185 210
Pour point,°c max (-) 18 (-) 18 (-) 15 (-) 12
Copper strip corrision @ 100°c for 3 hrs, max 1 1 1 1
Fzg rig test , failure load stage, min ii ii ii ii

Enklo hlp t 32,46,68(special purpose anti- wear type)

Premium hydraulic oils having outstanding lubrication characteristics and antiwear properties, excellent thermal and oxidation stability and very high fzg rating. these grades are formulated with turbine oil base stocks.

Enklo hlp t grades meet the requirements ;of din 51524 hlp part 2 specification, denision hf-o & hf2, us steel 127 and cincinnati milacron p-68, p-70. it also meet is : 10522 – 1983 and is 11656 – 1986 (reaffirmed 1993)

Properties Enklo hlp t
32 46 68
Viscosity,cst@ 40°c 29-35 42-50 62-72
Viscosity,index, min 90 90 90
Flash point ,coc, °c,min 180 185 210
Pour point,°c max (-) 18 (-) 15 (-) 12
Copper strip corrision @ 100°c for 3 hrs, max 1 1 1
Fzg rig test, failure load stage, min ii ii ii

Proposed usage :

Recommended for use in hydraulic system requiring very long life lubricant of outstanding performance

Enklo hl 32,46,68,100 (r & o type )

Hydraulic and circulating oils, blended from solvent refined mineral oils and fortified with suitable additives to impart excellent oxidation and rust inhibition properties.

Performance benefits:
good anti-rust properties provide the benefit of longer equipment life, low maintenance cost and reduced down time. good thermal and oxidation stability helps in lower deposits, thus inhibiting oil thickening and consequent power saving

Enklo hl grades meet the requirement of is
(reaffirmed 1993) and din 51524 part 1 specification (except for low pour point requirement) . it also meets us steel no.135 & cincinnati milacron p-38, p-55,p-54 & p-57 .

Proposed usage:
These oils find applications in the systems where hydraulic fluids of moderate anti-wear property are required having mild extreme pressure characteristics

Properties Enklo hl
32 46 68 100 150
Viscosity,cst@ 40°c 29-34 42-48 62-72 90-100 140-160
Viscosity,index, min 90 90 90 90 90
Flash point ,coc, °c,min 190 195 210 210 230
Pour point,°c max (-)3 (-)3 0 0 0
Copper strip corrision @ 100°c for 3 hrs, max 1 1 1 1 1

Fire resistant hydraulic & circulating oils

Enklo frie 68, 100,150

Enklo frie is specially formulated hydraulic oil meant for application in areas prone to potential ignition sources mainly in mines and steel plants. it is a homogenous water-in-oil type of emulsion, also known as invert emulsion. this oil is constituted of mineral oil along with special emulsifiers, stabilisers, rust inhibitors and other premium quality additives.
meets, is : 10532 (part – 2) – 1993 and hf – b classification of european mines safety commission.

Proposed usage :

Recommended for use where the operating temperature of the oil ranges from 5°c to + 60°c . this oil is used in the hydraulic roof support systems in mines. it is used in side discharge loaders, hydrostatic systems, scoop trams and shuttle cars in mining and steel industries. this oil is suitable for use in dinting machines, heading machines, loaders and creepers. it is also used in the injection moulding machines in plastics and die - casting industries.

Enklo frwg 22,46,68

Enklo frwg is a hydraulic oil formulated from glycols for meeting the fire resistant requirement in fire prone areas in steel, mining, die- casting and plastics industries. it is a true solution of glycols and water. this grade is composed of ployaklylene glycols, selected for wear reduction,corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, anti-foamants and water.

meets is : 10532 (part– 3 ) – 1993 and hf– c classification of european mines safety commission.


Fire resistant hydraulic & circulating oils

Proposed usage :
The operating temperature of the oil ranges from – 20°c to + 60°c. this oil is suitable for use in the hydraulic systems of coke oven battery carrier, crane hydraulics in high temperature regions of steel plants. it is used in control governors in steam turbines, in power plants. it is also suitable for use in hydrostatic transmissions

Properties Enklo frie Enklo frwg
68 100 150
22 46 68
Viscosity, cst@40°c
61.2-74.8 90.2-110 135-165
19.8-24.2 1.5-50.6 1.5-50.6 61.2-74.8
Foaming characteristic, seq i 150/nil 150/nil
Whitish emulsion Whitish emulsion Whitish emulsion
Clear Clear Clear
Rust test with synthetic sea water Passes Passes

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