HP Lubricants serves as the flagship brand of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), encompassing a diverse array of lubricants and specialized products. As an integral facet of HPCL, HP Lubricants holds the distinction of being India's largest lubricant marketer, offering a comprehensive spectrum of over 350 lubricant grades, specialty items, and greases. These products are meticulously produced in cutting-edge blending facilities scattered across India

The grades formulated by HP Lubricants cater to a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, industrial, mining, construction, agriculture, fishing, defense, and rail sectors. Particularly noteworthy is HP Lubricants' strong presence in the realm of industrial oils, holding the highest market share in this category, which spans a myriad of industrial applications.

Facilitated by a robust marketing network comprising warehouses, distributors, CFAs (Carrying and Forwarding Agents), offices, and proficient sales and technical representatives, HP Lubricants stands as a reliable brand. This expansive infrastructure contributes to HP Lubricants' reputation as a trusted entity that not only fuels energy but also propels growth across India's major developmental spheres.

A hallmark of the brand is its emphasis on innovative research and development, coupled with stringent quality assurance practices. This diligent approach ensures the consistent creation and delivery of top-notch products, playing a pivotal role in fostering growth and progress in the country.

HP Lubricants proudly leads the way in various market segments with its flagship brands. These brands include Racer, catering to motorcycles and tricycles, Milcy, tailored for commercial vehicles with diesel engines, Neosynth, designed for the passenger car segment, and Enklo, specialized for hydraulic fluids. Across all these segments, HP Lubricants stands as the preeminent brand, reflecting its dominance and expertise in each category.

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