Application areas:

ELASTO 541 is suitable as general purpose oil in manufacture of footwear, moulded and extruded rubber goods.

Detail Description

ELASTO 541 is naphthenic type of rubber process oil suitable as general purpose rubber oil.

Performance benefits:

  • Adequate miscibility
  • Excellent plasticizing properties

Physico-chemical properties


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °C, Cst 18-23
Aniline Point, °C Min 78-88
Flash Point, °C, Coc, Min 160
Copper Corrosion @ 100°C, 3Hrs, Max 1
Clay Gelanalysis -
Asphaltenes, % Wt NIL
Polar Compounds, % Wt 2.3
Aromatics, % Wt 46.7
Saturates, % Wt 51