Application areas:

Suitable for use in manufacture of automobile rubber tyres, belting, battery case etc. Where colour is not an important parameter.

Detail Description

ELASTO 710 is aromatic type of rubber process oil with good solvency. The oil is dark in colour and has good solvency. It is compatible with most rubber polymer.

Performance benefits:

  • Adequate miscibility
  • Excellent plasticizing properties

Physico-chemical properties


Viscocity, Cst @ 100°C 20 - 28.5
Flash Point (Coc) , °C 218
Aniline Point, °C 39.3-52
Pour Point °C Max 37
Clay Gelanalysis ASTM D 2007  
Asphalteness Wt % Less Than 0.1
Polar Compounds Wt % 9.2
Aromatics Wt% 66.5
Saturates Wt % 24.3