Application areas:

The product can be used for deep drawing of wires, tube drawing, forming, spinning and other similar medium to heavy duty operations of carbon steels and nonferrous metals.

Detail Description

Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application. It is manufactured with specially balanced mixture of soap and fat. The recommended dilution ratio with water is between i to 5 percent depending upon the gauge of wire to be drawn.

Performance benefits:

  • Excellent cooling ability
  • Excellent film strength

Physico-chemical properties


Appearance Homogenous Paste
Colour Whitish /Cream
Copper Strip Corrosion At R.T.ON 10 % Solution 12 Hrs 1
Penetration, 0.1 Mm Units: Unworked Max 320
pH of 10% Emulsion 9-10