Features and Benefits

LITHON EP-2(S) grease has good load bearing properties and provides adequate protection to the bearings. The other benefits of grease are:

  • Resistance to leakage
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Resistance to all forms of wear.
  • Resistance to water wash out
  • Meets SAIL Spec/ IPSS Standard.

Special Features

Lithon EP-2(S) is a high performance lithium extreme pressure grease. The grease has good pumping ability and is fortified with additives which protect against wear and high extreme pressures without causing corrosion to copper alloys or steel.

Physico-chemical properties

Characteristics LITHON EP-2(S)
NLGI Grade 2
Type of soap Lithium
Worked, 60 X
Worked, 1,00,000 X
Drop Point, °C , >180
Heat Stability at 100 deg C 5 max
Copper Corrosion @ 100 deg C Passes
Four ball weld Load, kg >250 KG