Detail Description

RUSTOP 273 is a premium quality rust preventive designed to protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. It is formulated using lightbodied petroleum solvents as cutback with polar rust preventing, water displacing and fingerprint neutralising additives. RUSTOP 273 is soft film, solvent deposited, water displacing type, corrosion preventives specifically developed for the roller bearing industry.


  • Easy to apply and remove using degreasing agents
    • Can be removed by wiping off with rags/waste soaked in SKO/MTO/Alkaline degreasents or solvent degreasing methods
    • After evaporation of solvent RUSTOP 273 films are fully compatible with subsequently applied lubricants
  • Suitable for use just before parts that are packaged for storage or shipment
  • Provides long term protection under more adverse conditions with formation of heavy duty thin film