Application areas:


These oils are recommended for lubrication of textile and machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, centrifugal separators, positive displacement blowers and hydraulic systems of certain high precision machine tools.

Performance benefits:

  • Good oil film strength
  • Good demulsibility
  • High chemical stability
  • Lower fluid friction
  • Resistance to rusting and corrosion


Special Features


SPINTEK grades of oils are premium quality lubricating oils recommended for the lubrication of high speed spindles. They are manufactured from highly refined base oils possessing excellent chemical & oxidation stability. They are further fortified with carefully selected oxidation and rust inhibitors. The rust inhibitor protects bearing surface from rusting and corrosion even in the presence of moisture. A special antiwear additive improves oiliness and reduces friction and wear between the rubbing surfaces to an absolute minimum.

Physico-chemical properties


5 10 12 15 22
Flash Point, COC, ºC Min. 168 150 168 176 182
Pour Point, ºC, Max. (-)6 (-)6 (-)6 (-)3 (-)3
Viscosity, Kinematic, cSt @ 40ºC, Avg. 11 10 12 15 22
Viscosity Index, Min. 85 85 85 85 85